Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four Superfoods You Shouldn't Do Without!

There is a lot of excitement over super foods these days, and almost every health food stores now supplies them.  Yielding a powerful punch, these foods fortify the entire system by activating the immune system and providing extra anti-oxidant power.  This means that we are better able to deal with our toxic environment and stress.  And as we eat these super foods regularly,  it becomes evident that something wonderful is happening as our skin takes on a greater glow, our hair’s luster shines again, our nails grown stronger and longer, our resistance to illness increases, and our sense of well being becomes unstoppable.

Bee Pollen
I have already written about the benefits of bee pollen, but it is never a mistake to be redundant regarding this magnificent example of nature’s perfection.  As one of the most complete foods that exist, bee pollen contains almost all of the B vitamins, which makes it an important choice for vegetarians who may not get enough from the regular foods they eat. Additionally, bee pollen is filled with vitamins C and E as well as protein, carotenes, essential enzymes, amino acids, and necessary carbohydrates.  The bees certainly know what they are doing as they create a synthesis of nutrients that help to improve stamina and mental acuity while also contributing to weight loss, better skin, energy, libido, and enhancing fertility.

Note:  If you have allergies, check with your health care provider regarding your intake of bee pollen.
 When buying bee pollen, make sure it comes from organically grown flowers.

Cacao Nibs
Inside a thin shell, cacao beans cluster like little health bombs waiting to nourish your body.  With more than four times the antioxidant power found in green tea,  raw, organic cacao nibs help with cardiovascular health by dilating blood vessels, improving circulation, balancing blood pressure and heartbeat, lowering LDL cholesterol, reduce blood clotting, and preventing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.  As militant free radical fighters, they help the body resist the possibility of disease.   Cacao nibs also activate the secretion of endorphins, which makes us feel good as our neurotransmitters are increased.  Rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron, these babies help to build bones, detoxify the liver, support pancreatic function, and enhance hair and nail health.  Additionally, cacao nibs contain  oleic acid, which is a healthy monounsaturated fat, which helps enhance good cholesterol.  Raw, organic cacao nibs make an excellent snack, especially when combined with goji berries (see below), almonds, and raisons ~ which is the super-pack I keep in my bag to munch on all day long. 
 For extra information on cacao in the form of dark, organic chocolate, please refer to this link: Dark Chocolate: No, really, its okay… go ahead!

 Goji Berries
Again, at the risk of being redundant, I must mention our friends the goji berries once more. Little red berries shaped in ovals, gojis (also known as wolfberries) are highly abundant in vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, and B6.  An as an exceptionally potent phyto-nutrient, they are powerful antioxidants and anti-carcinogens so essential for fighting pathogens, viruses, and other toxins.  Helping to augment our immune systems, goji berries also help to prevent heart disease, power up brain function, and slow down the aging process.  Nibble on these gems throughout the day and witness how your energy levels stay constant and strong.

One of the most talked about super foods of our day, Maca is a brilliant adaptogen and mega antioxidant.  A root found in the Andean jungles, Maca is filled with B1, B12, C, calcium, and phosphorus, along with a bevy of other essential phyto-nutrients.  Maca is best known for balancing hormonal function, including assisting with heightening libido and enhancing fertility.  Maca also helps to add balance to the nervous system, increase physical and mental endurance, and fight against the signs of aging.  I place a heaping tablespoonful of Maca in my cooked oatmeal or whole grain cereal everyday, or in my daily smoothie of choice.  I will be writing more about Maca in the future as this powdered root really rocks the house!


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