About Me

As a published health and nutrition writer, I have over 20 years of dedicated study and hands-on experience in the healing arts.  I hold a B.A. from Hamilton in Dance and Creative Writing, with additional studies of anatomy and kinesiology from Connecticut College, along with a long career as a performing artist with intense personal investigation into holistic health practices. 

From my work as a dance and body awareness teacher conducting seminars and workshops throughout the world, I have years of hands-on experience working with people from all cultures and walks of life.

Having published many articles on health and fitness, my research into nutrition has lead to an integrative practice that focuses on physical and mental health through awakening and balancing the body.  

My experience as a Life Coach for Expats comes from over 20 years of "on-and-off" living abroad, guiding other expats in how to claim and maintain balance in a new environment.