Letter To My Readers

As a dance teacher for over 25 years, I have noticed how interested my students have become in finding ways to keep the inside of their bodies healthy in addition to developing a physical technique that does not cause undue stress on ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the skeletal frame. They are continually asking me about my health protocols:  what do I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  What snacks do I choose?  How can they boost their energy without resorting to that sugary bite on the run that will ultimately lead to a crash? How can they prevent injury, or cure themselves faster when they are injured or sick?  What are the alternatives to allopathic remedies so that they can avoid possible side effects? 

Over the years, through trial and error and the huge desire to maintain vitality and dynamism, to create a powerful immune system, to stave off the effects of aging, and to counteract the stresses and strains that come with a long dance career, I have come up with solid answers for all of these questions. And these answers do not only apply to dancers or other types of athletes. They apply, I believe, to everyone who wishes for optimum health. 

In The Body in Form I address all of these questions and more, in the hopes that we can create a dialogue together about what health means.  By offering my experience from a long dance and teaching career, my explorations into alternative healing modalities, my discussions with a wide variety of fascinating health-care practitioners, and through common sense, I wish to share what I have discovered.

For those of you looking for a deeper passage into an integrative life where the body, mind, and spirit can function optimally, I welcome you to read my articles, make comments, and share your experiences and findings with me and other friends who join us on this site.  You can also contact me for personalized counseling on how to develop and maintain solid habits based on your health goals.