Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reducing Cellulite Naturally

The other day I was speaking with a friend about all the creams out there in the marketplace that claim to cure cellulite. We spoke about how through the power of advertising people are lead to believe that by the simple application of a “miracle” potion, all that cottage cheese underneath the skin will magically melt away. 

Cellulite is the result of fat cells accumulating inside the skin’s connective tissue.  As these fatty deposits expand, the skin dimples, creating that less than aesthetic condition that is usually the result of a poor diet, faulty circulation, and lack of proper exercise. By treating the body from the inside, we have a much better chance at reducing and even eliminating the effects of cellulite.

Diet, Exercise, Respiration
Diet and exercise are responsible for keeping the body youthful and functioning at its optimum.  When we are not eating well, when we are not moving our bodies, and when we are not breathing deeply enough, we cannot eliminate toxins effectively. In addition to a host of other symptoms, wastes begin to collect underneath the skin, eventually hardening into balls of fat. Stress, hormonal changes, fluid retention, and weak veins and arteries can also lead to the formation of cellulite.  

Changing the diet to include whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, and a minimum of one to two liters of pure water a day can help to sweep wastes from the system. This in combination with a good exercise program helps to discharge toxins, which in turn streamlines the body, helping to reduce cellulite. 

There are several natural products that can also help eliminate fatty deposits.  These are easy to use and are far more effective than expensive formulas that keep us addicted to unnecessary spending for the sake of our rational or  irrational vanity!

Dry Brushing
The skin eliminates wastes through the pores and sweat glands.  When these areas are clogged, toxins will collect and travel to other organs where they can wreak their own special kind of havoc.  By using a vegetable fiber brush on dry skin, the skin becomes detoxified by sloughing off dead cells and providing a gentle massage that stimulates the organs to flush out wastes.  Thirty years ago, Dr. Paavo Airola recommended this method to his patients, and it is still considered one of the best ways to contribute to the detoxification process. Dry brushing helps renew the skin, softening it and evening out texture. In this regard, it is one of the best treatments for cleansing the lymphatic system, tightening the skin, toning muscles, stimulating circulation, helping digestion, and because of all of this – reducing cellulite.

Juniper Oil
Juniper oil is an essential oil that is used by many spas to treat cellulite topically. Juniper contains three main elements responsible for stimulating circulation: terpineol, terpinen, and pinene. These components help to tone and tighten the skin while eliminating toxins subcutaneously. Mixing 30 drops of the pure oil with olive oil or any massage oil and gently working it into the skin can help drain fatty deposits as the skin absorbs the oil into the system. Using a special brush on dry skin before applying the oil is especially helpful as the stimulation prepares the area for greater absorption. 

Epsom Salts
Epsom salts have been used for centuries to treat a myriad of conditions as they help to flush toxins from the body, improving our ability to absorb nutrients.  Epsom salts consist of sulfur and magnesium. Magnesium helps to reduce internal waste, regulate enzyme function, reduce stress, soothe joint pain, as well as assist the body in absorbing calcium. Sulfur contributes to the elasticity of the body by lubricating the joints. It also helps to increase cellular respiration,  blood circulation, and assist in metabolic function, which includes eliminating waste products. Adding two cups of Epsom salts to your bath will help reduce the symptoms of cellulite through its powerful ability to detoxify the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy for alkalizing the body. As the system becomes more alkaline, acids are reduced and fatty deposits decline as they cannot live in an alkalized atmosphere. Two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of organic honey in a glass of pure water taken on a daily basis is an ideal way to keep your system alkalized.  Adding three parts apple cider vinegar to one part massage oil can also help reduce the effects of cellulite when massaged into the area twice a day. 

Other Cellulite Treatments
·      Frequent massage can help to decrease cellulite buildup  by dissolving fatty deposits.

·      Cardiovascular exercise and weight training helps to tone the body while decreasing body fat.

·      Reducing salt intake helps to prevent water retention, which often leads to cellulite.

·      Avoiding fatty, fried, processed, and fast foods allows the body tjuno absorb nutrients more effectively while reducing toxic buildup due to additives, rancid oils, and other contaminants.


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  2. Great way to get the circulation going, isn't it? I did it today after a long haitus and noticed the glow ~ So important to incorporate these healthful rituals.

    Thanks for reading!

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