Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colloidal Silver: The Body's Therapeutic Shield

Used by the early Romans and Greeks to disinfect water and food, treat burns, and dress wounds, colloidal silver has been respected as a therapeutic element for centuries. Paracelsus used it for fighting dropsy and diseases resulting from excess humidity, and Herodotus wrote about it in reference to King Cyrus of Persia who drank water stored in silver containers for his health. Ancient Hindu tomes speak of decontaminating water by plunging hot silver into it, whereby parasites and other toxic elements are eliminated. Early North American settlers put silver coins in their milk in order to preserve its freshness. In the 1930's, physicians used colloidal silver to fight infection, administering it orally as a gargle, or by injection or douche. It was also used as a topical application for all sorts of skin ailments until antibiotics took over.

Colloidal silver is once again coming to the fore as one of nature's 92 pure elements that benefit man, animals, and plants, but is toxic to all types of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites, as well as a range of viruses. What's more is that silver is not accumulated in the body, so it can be used regularly without harm. Because it does not interact or interfere with drugs, it can be taken alongside pharmaceuticals without adverse indications. Due to an increasing resistance to antibiotics from overuse (my article), people are recognizing the power of colloidal silver for protecting the body's natural enzymes while disabling those of bacteria, fungi, and other invasive elements.

How Colloidal Silver Works
Colloidal silver is made up of sub-microscopic particles that adhere to the walls of harmful micro-organisms. Enzymes that supply oxygen to these pathogens are disabled, whereby the pathogens die. Colloidal silver also adheres to the DNA in viruses, preventing them from replicating and spreading. Simultaneously, it protects the body's own natural enzymes, helping to stimulate tissue growth while strengthening our immune system. How Colloidal Silver is Made The production of colloidal silver stimulates the innate therapeutic aspects of the element through electrolysis. Electricity is passed through two wires containing 99.9% colloidal silver. This releases electrically charged ions that are then suspended in distilled water through the powerful charge that each ion contains, which opposes the pull of gravity. When ingested, the colloidal silver is absorbed into the blood and transported to all cells.

The Power of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has the capacity to fight over 700 different species of pathogens, including staphylococcus, streptococci, and bacterial dysentery. Within six minutes of contact, bacteria and viruses are killed off due to their inability to survive once their enzymes are no longer supplied with oxygen. Colloidal Silver has been approved by the FDA for marketing as a pre-J 93 8 drug, which means it is considered safe and effective. The EPA's Poison Control Center reports that colloidal silver presents no toxicity and is harmless in any concentration. Studies have been done by numerous scientists and doctors who agree that colloidal silver is an extremely effective broad spectrum antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-fungal that causes no counter indications when used with other medication.

Dr. Carl Moyer, Department of Surgery Chairman at Washington University along with Dr. Harry Margraf, found that colloidal silver is the most effective treatment in prevention of infection due to burns. Because the solution penetrates bacterial membranes quickly, it can interact with enzymes and other proteins in the bacteria, depriving them of oxygen and thus preventing germs from spreading.

Colloidal silver is extremely fast acting on ear infections, which if left untreated, can lead to hearing loss. A few drops administered to the area with an eyedropper can almost immediately alleviate symptoms and activate healing. Colloidal silver is also used for fistulas and ulcers, among other skin conditions. Colloidal silver can be found in most health food stores or can be ordered online. It is ingested easily and is an ideal preventative and curative for many disorders affecting our health and energy levels.

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